2 ton excavator
Digger – 1.60 Ton
November 25, 2016
Excavator / Digger – 2.740 (Zero Swing)
November 25, 2016
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2 ton excavator
Ear Protection must be worn
Eye Protection must be worn
Safety Helmet must be worn

Excavator / Digger – 2 Ton

£195.00 excl. VAT

2 Ton Mini Excavator/Digger

Retailer Price (Ex VAT)
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1 Day2 Days3 Days4 DaysWeekWeekend

The 2 ton digger is reasonably unique to Olympus in the mini digger space as it embraces both the traditonal 1.6 and 3 ton digger area.

*The 2 ton digger has signifcant advantages to the 1.6 (based around longer reach and stability)

*Signifcantly wider blade (extention removed for narrow access)

*The track frame is longer

*The dozer blade is longer

*Greater weight

Weight 1890kg
Height 2290mm
Width – Expansion tracks 980mm to 1370mm
Dig Depth 2520
Dump Height 2985
Ground Reach 4280
Engine 11.50kW



Excavators (diggers) come in various sizes and we tend to stock Takeuchi diggers and are generally supplied by Olympus with a choice of:

1.       Grader Bucket – meter wide

2.       600mm Bucket

3.       450mm Bucket

4.       300mm Bucket

5.       230mm Bucket

Dredging buckets and riddle buckets (sieve bucket) are also available.

There are various sizes of excavators and the most popular are:

.75 Ton Excavator – Micro

1.60 Ton Excavator – Mini

2 Ton Excavator – the adjustable tracks allow same access as 1.6 *****

3 Ton Excavator

5 Ton Excavator

****** Olympus are fairly unique in the 2 ton digger area as we can deliver with a Landrover saving on HGV delivery cost the customer receives a larger digger with greater reach and greater hydraulic power.

We have access to all Excavators above these – please enquire 01626 333823

The company reserves the right to take a deposit for the hire of goods at inception