How To Choose The Right Fencing

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May 5, 2017
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A garden fence is an essential part of most gardens. Whether to define a boundary or to keep small children or pets within the area. However, there are lots of types of fencing to choose from. Here we discuss a couple of the most popular and when to use them:


  1. Picket Fence – Neat, evenly space boards used as a decorative boundary – usually in front gardens. Ideal for containing small children or dogs within the boundary but anything smaller will usually fit through the gaps. Usually wood but can be bought in PVC finish which limits the need for continued painting.
  2. Feather Edge Fencing –  Usually three supporting horizontal batons providing a framework with feather edge panels nailed at regular intervals. Usually 6ft tall plus these are good, private, secure boundary fences. Regular wood treatment required to keep in optimum condition.
  3. Traditional Lap Panel Fencing –  The most common and easy to erect for the average DIY enthusiast. Can either be inserted between wood or concrete posts. Concrete posts offer more stability but wooden posts are more aesthetically pleasing. Cost effective whilst providing a secure and private boundary. However, they are not as strong as Feather Edge.
  4. Trellis Fencing – Can be added to existing fencing or be a fence itself. It isn’t very private alone but you can train plants to trail along it to provide a more private feel. It is great for sectioning off parts of your garden to make more secluded areas or to screen off bins etc.
  5. Screens – These come in many forms – reed, bamboo, willow, PVC, fern. They are not strong so as a boundary fence are not ideal. However, they are great for creating secluded areas in your garden and protection from wind. They are not robust though and can be easily damaged.
  6. Decorative Fence Panels – The world is your oyster! Lots of shapes and designs are available to help you create the perfect garden.


All fencing, whatever type you choose, needs to be regularly checked for damaged. If you have a wooden fence this needs yearly treatment to help maintain the quality and integrity of the wood. A well cared for fence should last many years.


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