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Dumper – 6 Ton Dumper

Price Per Week: POA

6 Ton Dumper

The above pricing does not include any accessories that may be required to use this product. Nor does it include the Accidental Loss Damage Waiver that may be required – calculated at 15% of the hire proportion of the cost

Dumpers are principally divided into:

1)      Power Barrow and Track Barrow (See Barrow section)

3)      I ton articulated Dumper

4)      2 ton articulated Dumper

5)      3 ton articulated Dumper

6)      5 Ton Articulated Dumper

Things to consider:

1)      Size of dumper (balance load required v carrying capacity)

2)      High Tip (for skip filling etc)

3)      Terrain

4)      Tracks or wheels

5)      Site Security (you are responsible for the equipment whilst in your custody)

There will be a delivery charge depending on location and size of vehicle required to transport the dumper

The dumper will come fully fuelled up and a charge will be made at the end of the hire.


Approximate sizes (will differ by model)


The company reserves the right to take a deposit for the hire of goods at inception