2 ton excavator
Excavator / Digger – 2 Ton
November 25, 2016
Excavator / Digger – 3 Ton
November 25, 2016
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Excavator / Digger – 2.740 (Zero Swing)

£240.00 excl. VAT

2.740 Ton Excavator/Digger

Retailer Price (Ex VAT)
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1 Day2 Days3 Days4 DaysWeekWeekend
The above pricing does not include any accessories that may be required to use this product. Nor does it include the Accidental Loss Damage Waiver that may be required – calculated at 15% of the hire proportion of the cost


Operating Weight inclusive of

bucket and fuel: Cab/Canopy (kg) 2640/2480

Overall Length (mm) 3925

Width with Canopy (mm) 1400

Height Cab/Canopy (mm) 2450/2430

Ground Clearance (mm) 265

Min. Front Swing Radius

Cab/Canopy (mm) 1385

Left Boom swing angle 80°

Right Boom swing angle 50°

Tail Swing Radius (mm) 820

Dozer Blade (W x H) (mm) 1400×300

Blade Range Up/Down 320/335

Operating Information

Max Digging Depth (mm) 2560

Max Dump Height Cap/Canopy (mm) 2640/2980

Max Reach at Ground Level (mm) 4355

Max Vertical Digging Depth (mm) 2170

Max Bucket Digging Force (kN) 19

Max Arm Digging Force (kN) 12.6


Excavators (diggers) come in various sizes and we tend to stock Takeuchi diggers and are generally supplied by Olympus with a choice of:

1.       Grader Bucket – meter wide

2.       600mm Bucket

3.       450mm Bucket

4.       300mm Bucket

5.       230mm Bucket

Dredging buckets and riddle buckets (sieve bucket) are also available.

There are various sizes of excavators and the most popular are:

.75 Ton Excavator – Micro

1.60 Ton Excavator – Mini

2 Ton Excavator – the adjustable tracks allow same access as 1.6 *****

3 Ton Excavator

5 Ton Excavator

****** Olympus are fairly unique in the 2 ton digger area as we can deliver with a Landrover saving on HGV delivery cost the customer receives a larger digger with greater reach and greater hydraulic power.

We have access to all Excavators above these – please enquire 01626 333823

The company reserves the right to take a deposit for the hire of goods at inception