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Makita Core Drill

Price Per Week: £65.00 excl. VAT

Retail Price (Ex VAT)
1 Day2 Days3 Days4 DaysWeekWeekend
1 Day2 Days3 Days4 DaysWeekWeekend
The above pricing does not include any accessories that may be required to use this product. Nor does it include the Accidental Loss Damage Waiver that may be required – calculated at 15% of the hire proportion of the cost

The core drill is a clutched drill (it comes with a transformer)

Options are 110v and 240v

Core Drills are specialist drills for drilling holes in concrete.  Accurate method of drilling holes in concrete, masonry and brickwork – uses bathroom and kitchen out lets (waste pipes& dryer outlets etc.)

The user can hire the drills and core bits separately or together. We recommend that you hire these as a package as the bespoke core drill has an important feature of a clutch incorporated (not all drills have a built in clutch)

The Core Drills are as follows:

1)      Dry Diamond Core Drill

2)      Hand held Hydraulic Diamond Core Drill

The core bits vary in sizes from – 25mm to 150mm (larger size available on request) – wear charges per mm are incurred on all core bits

Things to consider:

1)      Size of hole required

2)      Length of hole (double skin etc – extension bars required)

3)      Material being cut – dry or wet drilling considered

The company reserves the right to take a deposit for the hire of goods at inception